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mini madness!
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Not to mention one hell of a challenge! Shall we expect a part two? Amazing work.

A well made and fun playlist! I can relate to the amount of time and trial it takes to make these things! Good job! Part 2 is sort of in the pipeline!

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Was thinking bigger scale though as this one didn't get as much exposure as I would have liked considering how much effort it took! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Solo Adventure: Mini Madness! Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted April 29, What you see now is the fruits of my labour.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 30, edited. I'll play it again I didn't get to play the encores or the secret level yet for sure! Would it be alright if I try to work with some of your ideas in my levels? Edited April 30, by boolf.

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Posted May 1, I like this playlist. Not hard but was exciting short tricks which was fun. Sounds good - I'll check it out later.

SE Mini Madness - Dance Moms - PRIMETIMER

My bad, the thing about the lasers was not referred to your playlist! I don't remember any other part in particular, I'm sorry, I hope I still helped. By the was I was joking about insulting you! I'm also a pathological liar. Or am I? What's going on? Posted May 1, edited.

Edited May 1, by ggn00bz0rz. I liked that jump too, anyway. Posted May 2, edited. Posted May 2, Posted May 9, To reinforce the light point, I took my hikey and white mix and draw very fine line in the middle of the strong line. To soften the white edge highlight, I lightly glaze hastur purple and caribbean blue on the edge following the colour on the blade. I went a bit too far around the hand as you can see. To give some reflection in the shadow, I sketch some light using magenta and white under or over the main light point. This will give some interest in the shadow and give an idea of the reflective capabilities of the material.

Smooth the previous sketch with magenta diluted, pulling toward the dark part. You may need a few passes. Time for the light point!

That's purely optional but I like to add scratches on my nmm to give it a more "realistic" look. Using a mix of purple and black I draw some lines around the edge where scratches would come. To finish the scratches, underlines the dark line with pure white, pulling the line a bit further than the black to give it some definition.

I also add some lines just of white to do lighter scratches. Je fais des marques plus claires avec simplement des lignes de blanc.

And there you go, full step by step of my magical blade, hope you enjoyed this read and feel free to comment down below! This paintjob is a bit more elaborate than before, the idea was to present this piece to the everchosen competition but apparently, it's not a valid mini.

BREAKING: Coles Little Shop ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ Edition are ‘on the way’

I'm waiting on clarification on this, but I'm a bit saddened by this decision. Anyway, see you soon and as a preview, I'll do a tutorial on the purpl-ish skin also. Hello dear readers! Busy month and heat mean it has been some time since the last article, but here I am again! I was planning to redo the design of the blog, but it will come later. Since I've sold my nighthaunt, I needed a new army for AoS.

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I love the sylvaneth aesthetic and the new battle tome announcement plus the arch revenant miniature just convinced me if I ever needed any help. As side note, my mate confidence on painting an army has been boosted with contrast paint, so the new challenge is to finish points each for age of Sigmar by the end of the year!

Mini Book Madness | Story Time

Here is the complet squad for my first entry! You can play "Spot the difference" between the fresh batch and the last one if you're bored, a few things are different. Lady of the wood. I tried to include as many nuances as possible in the blade, to have something magical. But in Australia, the door opens to traffic. Most Minis are sold in left-hand-drive countries but Australian safety commentators have questioned BMW's decision to not invest in a door for the safer passenger side on models sold locally.

The chairman of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scruby, said it was "appalling" that the rear side door was not changed for Mini wagons sold in Australia. They are compromising our safety because it is convenient. It is disgraceful that parents can't get to their children in the back seat of the car without having to face oncoming traffic. They are compromising the safety of parents and children.

I'm concerned this could lead to a serious injury or death. In Germany, BMW is promoting the new model to families by highlighting the addition of international standard child restraints in the rear seat. However, the spokesman for Mini in Australia, Alexander Corne, says the company will not be promoting the new wagon - called Clubman - as a family car. And, Corne says, rear passengers can't get out of the new wagon unless the driver's door is open.