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Sadly, the 12 Devs events—and indeed the whole 12Devs party in its current guise—will be coming to an end. Coming at the start of July on the run up to our second event will be our first series of 12 articles since launching 12 Devs. Similar to the 12 Devs of Xmas series we will have 12 fantastic writers covering some of the latest and greatest technologies and techniques over the course of 12 days.

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Starting on the 6 th of July and finishing the day befoe 12 Devs of Summer it's sure to be a fantastic series to get stuck into! Sign up to the newsletter below to be the first to hear about the upcoming writers and topics we'll be covering in July. The project that started it all; an article a day for the 12 Days of Xmas see what we did there?

We're looking for writers for this years articles. Someone who can elequently talk about a new technology and is willing to share and contribute to our amazing industry. Is that you? Egor Game Designer : Actually, we've done that for your convenience. Other players, as well as your friends, see your co-op name in regattas and events and get used to it.

Changing a co-op name may lead to confusion, so we decided to disable this option. But you can always create a new co-op with a better name! J-Lee : Do you ever lose yourself within your own creativity and think 'I wish I could live there?

We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

I do, and I only build upon it as the game allows, just wondered if the creators ever feel the same! Talpa : What are the long term plans for the support and development of township on iMac? Can I anticipate a happy with continued play and development on my iMac throughout the year? Anton Project Manager : No need to worry!

Even though our Mac community is not that huge, this platform has always been very important for us.

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Since the game is primarily developed for mobile devices, it takes a lot of effort and time to make all the technical adjustments for Mac. Vera : I'm just wondering how you all got together to create Township?


Christmas Panda Another big name that comes to mind is Christmas Panda. I knew without googling it was dev patron St. In Jack has been exploring Elm, a purely functional based language to help write reliable web apps. Everything in the office has pretty much been lost : December 24, These Bluetooth earbuds can translate more than 30 languages [Deals]. Yes No. December 24,

I know you must have your own skills but what started you off and how did you go about it? Anton Project Manager : Our team got together years back, long before the first iPhone was released.

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Welcome back to the second year of the 12 Devs of Xmas, 12 insightful articles introducing you to new and exciting things in the world of web development. Until now I never really thought about why, but that gap between Christmas and New Year has always been a time of reflection for me. The weeks leading up to.

We worked on a lot of different games and always dreamed about developing THE game — the one that will become a superhit that we ourselves will enjoy playing. Once iPad and iPhone were launched we realized it was our chance to bring our dreams to reality. You know what else keeps us on the roll?

All reviews and feedback you leave in appstores and on social networks! Be where your customers are while traveling, spending time off and thinking about getting some gifts for the family — in their mobile devices. Traffic peak is coming. More importantly orders peak is coming and this one is far more difficult to handle.

Caching static content pages is easy. Just utilize any CDN. Handling ten fold order volume requires preparation and advanced engineering. It will take a few weeks to get right.

Prepare early. Better safe then sorry. Time is the most precious resource. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Your primary motivation and incentive should be maximizing ROI during Q4 but sometimes UX fixes fall to the end of the to-do list. But the users will come and they will test your UX in great numbers. Maybe avoiding UX mishaps and minimizing Customer Care workload is a motivation booster.

Get some of that Google search results real estate. In Ecommerce it is still location, location, location.

get link Meaning screen space. Getting users attention. But getting it takes time. Use it.

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Research the topic yourself or get some expert help. Implement the improvements early. What sells? Last year sales in the Eastern U. Automate abandoned cart recovery. Sign those users up for a newsletter or an automated product recommendation. Dig that traffic gold to maximize your returns on Ecommerce investments.

Capture those lost orders or say bye bye to lost profits. Automation is key to handling sales peaks. Identify any re-occurring issues.