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Harvey Specter: Why is that?

meshealthtanbres.tk Donna Paulsen: Because it's the day you get to meet Donna. Harvey Specter: Let me guess. Harvey Specter: And how exactly do you know about me?

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Any combination of 6 and 8 brings luck to their gambling table. The quiet and relaxed Saturdays and Sundays are those when Cancer feels most at large with himself. Community Reviews. Select another language:. David Fincher - I could play music, go to concerts, maybe be the manager of a band.

Donna Paulsen That puts your name in the paper. Harvey Specter: You're not just a pretty face, are you? Donna Paulsen: No, I'm not.

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Capturing serene landscapes with a color palette extracted from nightmares, Francesco Merlini tells the story of loss, adolescence and childhood frustrations. This is the photo book that redefined what a photo book could be — personal, poetic, real. Created just three years ago, independent publishing house Void has quickly established a singular, gritty vision that speaks to the shared interests and passions of its founders. Hear the full story behind this decades-long labor of love.

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An enigmatic yet carefully told story that seems to take the form of a whodunnit, but in reality, allows us to ponder much deeper questions of how to live in our increasingly distraction-filled age. In the spring of , Arizona was struck by its worst wildfire ever; this haunting photoessay gives us a glimpse at what the conflagration left in its wake, a mix of tragedy, destruction, and a strange, awful beauty.

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Also: never overlook the importance of how you print your work. Lots of great advice from a Brooklyn gallery. So this duo tracked down the places where some uncomfortable tweets originated, and photographed the scenes of the tweets after the fact… like clues to