Kos 4 Sun, Sex and Tzatziki

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Dinner didn't have as much choice as Breakfast seemed to but did seem to cater to all tastes considering there were many nationalities stopping at the hotel. Lots of tasty meals available at a cost at lunch time, but everything was reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend the Pork Gyros, they were delicious! If you don't want a hotel right in the middle of the towns nightlife then the Aegean is perfect for you. They offer an at seat service and are always pleasant and efficient. This did make me and my boyfriend feel a little uncomfortable at times.

We also had a mini dispute with one of the management at the end of our holiday which left us feeling a little bit like cattle being herded out ready for the next lot to arrive. Some improvements could be made here. Another note was after sunbathing for over an hour we were woken up and told we needed to pay for the use of the sun-beds.

Wasn't exactly explained to us before hand, maybe I should've read the reviews a little more thoroughly ; Please do not let this put you off though because all in all I was happy with the quality of the beach. To summarize the Aegean is a beautiful hotel with lots of fantastic features. I have already recommended it to friends and family. Kardamena has lots of amazing restaurants, our favorite being Pelagos on the seafront. Theres a whole host of tavernas, bars, touristy type shops and excursions to enjoy in the area : We would definitely consider returning here again!

Kos 4 Sun, Sex and Tzatziki

Just a quick note, we are a couple traveling together in our twenties. I shall break it down into categories. Accommodation, food, staff, facilities. This is a gorgeous place. It looks as it does, very Greek, blues, whites, yellows, stunning!. We had rooms at the top, and then Two rooms as the 1st flooded when Mrs H had a bath.

When the bath plug was lifted. Not very good. After 3 calls to 3 different members of reception staff, we got the move i requested and relocated to a room just a couple of rooms along. No big deal really, but beware of taking a bath on the upper levels, oh and ants posed a problem in our 1st room but not in the 2nd. We had reviewed this hotel, obviously, and were not surprised with the layout.

Our rooms where situated at the top of the hill. Not a problem!!. The courtesy bus ferries you around But you have the option to walk back. It only took us 5 mins to do the steps or the road, either way, and it was exercise!!. Food Okay. Not the best despite what other reviewers state.

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Kos 4 Sun, Sex and Tzatziki - Kindle edition by Nicholas Westerby. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Kardamena, Kos Was a time before the Facebook, youtube had just been born and apple was still a fruit for most people. It was a time when you could do.

As its half board you might expect quality fodder. We don't think this is the case, 5x isn't it?. We recon its 3x at the best. I like an egg for breakfast with toast. No toast, which we knew, fried eggs are cold every morning, beans every other day, and just no where near 5x. The subdued Mr Fawlty will pop up later!!. Evening meals aren't up to much either, boring to say the least.

All, the deserts are just open for all to cough on, sneeze on, pick up and examine and put back down, hope hands are clean, and no cold area for them, bit unhygienic at best. The food area is a very large canteen, with canteen facilities, it is not a restaurant!!. Far to crowded. I went at 7. So be warned. It's not the best. You will find food and drinks quite expensive when you have to buy them.

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Oh, the poolside restaurant is quite nice, I can recommend the freshly baked to order pizza, gorgeous. The gyro plate is a fatty, charred plated of meat, on a fried bread with chips. Don't order separate chips!! Walk into kardamina, took me 30 mins there and back, you get 3 blossom hill for the price of 1 bottle of agean white, stock up as a one off, it's worth it. Get all your booze and water, crisps etc, it will save you a fortune, get a short cab ride back, it's honestly worth it as a one off at the start of your holiday.

Staff, hahaha, shall enjoy this All British guests will be familiar with Basil Fawlty. He's here, be it somewhat subdued.

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Check him out lurking out around the canteen and poolside food area, ok he's a Greek version. He's like a hawk just waiting to pounce. I was just waiting for him t smack the back of a head of an unsuspecting Manuel, opps sorry, thanasis, but he never did alas, but a constant source of amusement at each meal, you will see what I mean Manuel, Manuel.

Honestly he's brill. We found all staff, all, very friendly and polite, helpful. I have to mention our waiter in the canteen, costas. What a lovely, friendly, nice guy. Great service from this guy at all times, made our dining experience here bearable. The owner!!! What a horrible person. You will see this thing, old, grey hair, suited and booted, around the food areas and bar in the evening.

If you see it smile try and take a pic, it must be a miracle. You would think, as the owner, he would be having a chat, welcoming his guests, yeh right. Never have I seen such a miserable, horrible host. He seems to relish rollicking his staff in front of the guests, one such incident at the poolside food area, awful!!! This is not a nice person, you can't miss him Facilities A very large pool, if a bit dated and grubby around the edges, but the place is about 25 years old.

I Have to say that this is the 1st hotel we have stayed in where you don't have to worry about the loungers, as others state. You can always have a choice throughout the day, all day, every day, it's great!! Loads always empty. The pool bar is run by great and friendly fellas, they cotton on to your routine quickly, nice guys.


The animation team seem to do a good job to, credit to them. We didn't use any other of the facilities on ofer as it was a pool, chilling holiday. Overall then. A very gorgeous place. The sea views are just the best, well the higher you get, just spectacular. Don't worry about the hill, the bus provides, with very nice drivers, I forgot about them, thank you to all of ya!! Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Accessibility Links Skip to content.

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Try utilising space in your suitcase by slipping breakables like aftershaves or perfumes into your socks to protect them, and save valuable space. Or, roll up your clothes and put them into your socks to make packing easier than ever. Traveling soon?

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Stick your glass bottles in socks to prevent breakage! SockHack socksoftheday sockgame sockswag socksofinstagram sockstagram socks sock travel sockaddict sockaddiction sockgameonpoint McGregorSocks Lifehack. Placing a scented tumble dryer sheet between your clothing layers will guarantee that your clothes are smelling as fresh when you arrive as they did when you packed them.