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Constricted 'Life Space' Linked With Alzheimer's Disease
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I share this so others may benefit from reading about my reversal of misfortune, because cancer is an equal opportunity disease affecting millions of Americans annually.


I write to warn; be careful, sharp rocks ahead. Besides, life provides no guarantee.

We must beam hope to generations unborn and give them a clue of the landscape. Young man, do you know your father? I write to communicate the collective hope that my brothers can gain knowledge of self. We must lead the charge in solving our community problems and not wait for others to rescue us from becoming singers, actors, and athletes.

Small vessel disease - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

I write heartfelt love songs about Monica and fatherhood at sixty. We fathers must stimulate our boys through our actions to achieve their best. I listen to Charles play his djembe drum, and we talk about music and rhyme and its relationship with writing. I write to motivate other black men to share their stories, so we can collectively heal our community. Just the facts, please, no creative voice.

The right side of my brain was king. Caution: time shifting ahead. Kids in elementary school pushed their noses in and called me snub-nosed. Schoolmates called me Gappy Hayes because of the gap between my front teeth. My immediate family called me Jerry, and other relatives called me Cousin Jerry. This youthful preteen banter lowered my self-esteem, before I started high school in Lexington Park, Maryland, where white students called me nigger.

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But constriction isn't always physical. Economic growth may be constricted by trade barriers. A narrow, constricted life may be the result of poverty or lack of. Life Constricted [Gerald Green] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cancer is an equal opportunity disease. I have survived three different.

I was late for class one day when a black high school student shouted, Look at that nigga walking like a tinman. Some students imitated my knock-kneed walk while others called each other names like Zit-face, Monkey-man, and Foe-head. Foe-head started calling me Tin-head because I would drink more than my share of liquor when the bottle was passed around in the car en route to parties. Foe-head was drafted and died in the Vietnam War a few years after graduating from high school.

At eighteen, I could buy alcohol from most liquor stores.

How is Pediatric Constricted and Lop Ear Deformity treated?

We called ourselves the Red Mountain for lunch bunch. I was first to get a sip. I would hook my right index finger through the circular glass ring at the top of the gallon, flip it onto my forearm near my elbow, then turn it skyward and place my lips on the bottle, all in one smooth move. Those with less experience drank from cups.

Small vessel disease is sometimes called coronary microvascular disease or small vessel heart disease. It's often diagnosed after a doctor finds little or no narrowing in the main arteries of your heart, despite your having symptoms that suggest heart disease. Small vessel disease is more common in women and in people who have diabetes or high blood pressure. The condition is treatable but can be difficult to detect.

If you've been treated for coronary artery disease with angioplasty and stents and your signs and symptoms haven't gone away, you might also have small vessel disease. If you're having chest pain and other signs and symptoms — such as shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, dizziness, or pain that radiates beyond your chest to one or both of your arms or to your neck — seek emergency medical care.

It might be hard to tell if your symptoms are due to small vessel disease, especially if you don't have chest pain. If you do have chest pain, see your doctor to find out the cause.

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Experts suspect that the causes of small vessel disease are the same as the causes for disease of the larger vessels of the heart, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. The large vessels in your heart can become narrowed or blocked through a condition in which fatty deposits build up in the arteries atherosclerosis. In small vessel disease, damage to the small vessels affects their ability to expand endothelial dysfunction.

As a result, your heart doesn't get enough oxygen-rich blood. It's not clear why the same risk factors, such as obesity or an inactive lifestyle, cause some people to develop small vessel disease instead of large vessel coronary artery disease. Because small vessel disease can make it harder for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body, the condition, if untreated, can cause serious problems, such as:. There are no studies about preventing small vessel disease, but it seems that controlling the disease's major risk factors — high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity — can help.

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Exercise regularly. Regular exercise helps improve heart muscle function and keeps blood flowing through your arteries. Do you ever get the feeling of need, of craving, of desiring change? Of waking up one morning and living of impulse, of desire, of passion; well I do. I want that someone to be free. Today I want to talk about complete freedom, of a world of desire, of a world of passion, of a world of happiness. His touch is like a drug to me. A concoction of addiction.

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I crave him and he craves me. He takes me, His warmth too much. Connected, Raw passion, Pure. It feels like electricity is running through my body, It feels like the world runs through me, It feels like nothing can stop me.

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I love the feeling, I crave it, I desire it, The way it engulfs my being, The way it becomes a part of me, A part of me that scares me, Yet makes me feel completely safe, At least sometimes. The sense of freedom, The sense of life, The sense of desire, The sense of passion, The sense of total and complete happiness. How can one human feel this all at one time?