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While Sequoia and the cat don't exactly play together, Faust said they usually "stay pretty close. But despite their companionship only hitting the headlines this week, the pair have actually been pals for several months — indicating that perhaps they both do really enjoy, rather than endure, each other's company. US Edition U.

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Best singer in the world, The Having to perform at school to celebrate spring can be a nerve-racking experience. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Counselling and Coaching. Big pet day Today is pet day in Lily's class. The 8yo took charge of making sure the wee girl spotted the animals. And, when she starts kindergarten, Agatha realises just how different she is from everyone else.

HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Above, a mother bear watches over her cub as it struggles through thick snow in Finland. Bears' summer feasting creates a thick layer of fat they survive off in winter, typically in hibernation. But changing weather is also altering hibernation patterns.

In addition to being able to walk upright, brown bears can also run very quickly on all fours — up to 30 miles per hour 64 kph. This helps them hunt down other animals to eat. The anatomy of bear paws is so remarkably similar to that of human hands and feet that skeletal remains, and footprints, are often mixed up.

Above, a brown bear gets a tooth operation in Germany. South America even gets its "own" bear: the spectacled or Andean bear. Per its name, the species often sports light-colored fur around its eyes. The IUCN classifies this species as "vulnerable" — the bear has lost its wooded habitat on the slopes of the Andes due largely to forest-clearing for crops and cattle farming. Sun bears, or Malayan sun bears, have a bib-shaped golden patch on their chests, which for some cultures represents the rising sun.

Indeed, the sun bear lives in the Far East, making its home in tropical forests of southern Asia. The IUCN classifies sun bears as "vulnerable" — it's among the rarest bear species, and is under threat due to habitat loss, the pet trade and hunting for "medicine. Moon bears, also known as Asiatic black bears, are likewise threatened due largely to poaching.

Demand for bile from the gall bladders of black bears is driving widespread hunting, capture, captivity and trade — moon bears are even kept on mostly illegal "bile farms. The sloth bear is also "vulnerable," as its lowland forest in the Indian subcontinent disappears. Sloth bears survive on insects and have particularly shaggy fur — they are also targets for poaching and the pet trade.

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Pictured above, "Buddu" the sloth bear was adopted by a family in India after wandering into the village after a herd of goats. Wildlife officials later rescued the bear.

Beloved ‘gentle’ bear Yepani dies at North Carolina Zoo

We all know and love pandas — panda cubs are particularly cute. Giant pandas were upgraded from "endangered" to "vulnerable" in due to vigorous efforts by the Chinese government to preserve the iconic animal. Such efforts include a captive breeding program, which achieved record success in with 42 pandas born. Like many other bears, pandas are threatened above all from loss of habitat. Infrastructure projects in particular are cutting into what's left of the cool, humid bamboo forest high in the mountains of western China where pandas make their home.

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Since bamboo is so nutritionally poor, the bears have to eat up to 84 pounds 38 kilograms per day — giant pandas spend much of their waking time eating. Last but not least Technically classified as a marine mammal, polar bears are carnivorous.

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The Happy Little Bear Goes to the Zoo eBook: Amy Land, Kathryn Howl: Amazon. in: Kindle Store. The Happy Little Bear Goes to the Zoo - Kindle edition by Amy Land, Kathryn Howl. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

For hunting seals and other ocean animals, polar bears rely on sea ice, which is declining as the Arctic melts due to climate change. The plight of the polar bear has become synonymous with the fight against global warming.

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As the planet heats up, time is running out for these bears. The zoo said on social media that the bear may have been held captive by poachers and then released. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Just call them the unlikely couple.