Primary Religious Education – A New Approach: Conceptual Enquiry in Primary RE

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All schools, including free schools, academies, and schools of a religious character, would be required to ensure that every pupil has access to Religion and Worldviews learning through the curriculum, lessons, and wider experiences. Schools would also need to publish a detailed statement about how they meet the National Entitlement with inspectors and other approved bodies given the power to monitor to ensure minimum standards are met.

It also recommends that post students should have the opportunity to study the subject in Further Education. In addition, the Commission proposes a comprehensive national plan for the subject, including a major programme of support for teachers in the form of funding for training in Religion and Worldviews for new and existing teachers. The Commission proposes the creation of Local Advisory Networks on Religion and Worldviews with an enhanced role, which would include supporting the implementation of the National Entitlement. The Commission will now present its recommendations to the Department for Education, proposing that non-statutory programmes of study should be developed at a national level by a body of ten or fewer professionals, including teachers, and then ratified by the Department.

Stephen M. Croucher, Cheng Zeng, Diyako Rahmani, and Mélodine Sommier

PACE : Generating their own questions, they support and challenge each other and recognize the social aspects of exploring the meaning of what they encounter in reading or in other learning activities. San Francisco: HarperCollins. As they acknowledge, however, the gods of antiquity were represented as monitoring the appropriate performance of rituals. The bottom line is this: if students are not learning, the teacher needs to change the approach to teaching them. Modern technologies of surveillance, such as police cameras, identity cards, and computer records, allow increasingly extensive monitoring of thieves, cheats, defectors, and free riders by designated authorities.

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Young people today are growing up in a wonderfully diverse society. Day by day they can encounter different cultures and worldviews, if not personally at least through the media.

Religious education needs strengthening says Dean’s inquiry

So it has never been more important for people to understand the main traditions of faith and belief and the wide variety of worldviews. In employment and in everyday life, young people need to achieve fluency in relating to people with different traditions and outlooks from their own.

It helps Investigating artefacts in religious education: a guide for primary schools By Howard, Christine. Published Religious and Moral Education Press, The use of religious artifacts in Foundation and Key Stage 1 learning is specified in the non-statutory national framework for RE. This updated new edition The primary curriculum: a creative approach Paperback.

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Second edition. This title provides trainee teachers with a clear understanding of how to embed inspiring teaching across the subjects that make up the new Primary Curriculum The primary curriculum: a creative approach Book.

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A new core text which provides an informed critical approach to the primary curriculum and how to teach it. The complete multifaith resource for primary religious education Ages By Lowndes, Judith.

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The complete multifaith resource for primary religious education. Ages By Lowndes, Judith.