Slay That Dragon, Life Just Got Easy!

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It is all very well St. George looking good, but what about his trusty steed!

Slaying the Debt Dragon

Slay That Dragon: Life Just Got Easy [Dr. Angus I McLeod] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Many people want to make plans for a better . Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Real people have real problems and real desires for a better life. Your author understands your journey, hopes, fears, loves .

Note: we have to point out that our leather products are for use on cars only, but we wanted to include it in our list, so just go with it. When you are dragon slaying you need to use every trick in the book. If you wax your shield with our super glossy, reflective wax you can dazzle your dragon and gain precious seconds to strike!

UHD Wax is best suited for vehicle paintwork, but every little helps in the fight of your life! Your once pristine tunic is now splattered with dragon guts! You need a quick clean and this is the product to do it.

Interior Shampoo is also suitable for all vehicle interior cleaning tasks, not just mythical beast blood. Courage is applying for that dream job or to school and uprooting your life to make it work. Courage is walking into the room of a chronically angry, unappeasable patient to offer care again. Courage is reaching out to connect with that friend you lost touch with years ago. Courage is telling your two little girls that their father is going to die, and doing the things you promised him you would do.

Courage is moving your mother, father, husband, sibling, child into assisted living or hospice because you can no longer take care of them yourself.

Slay That Dragon: Life Just Got Easy

Courage is asking for help when you need it. Courage is singing, even off-key, but with your full voice at church.

See a Problem?

Courage is going in for that medical test or procedure. Courage is welcoming the stranger. Can you forgive me?

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Courage is trusting ourselves. Courage is waking up every morning and choosing to bless the world.

Slay the Dragon

To address them, I have invited colleagues, military experts and scientists to attend an international conference in Berlin on March 15 of this year. But how do we prevent their misuse for cyber warfare? With new perceptions about how you experience life, you will have new choices and make new decisions. If you wax your shield with our super glossy, reflective wax you can dazzle your dragon and gain precious seconds to strike! Are you in for a big surprise?

Living with a courageous heart is an aspiration, an intention, a way to be with ourselves and the world. It is something we will fall short of—from time to time or often—because we are human, because sometimes our minds or bodies, our hearts or spirits will hurt. There will be times that we will miss the mark.

These will be the times when we allow others to be heroes, to live that part of our story with courageous hearts and so extend us grace. In that way, by being willing to be seen as our most vulnerable selves, we become courageous, and learn to love the world all over again. As a Unitarian Universalist congregation with no geographical boundary, the CLF creates global spiritual community, rooted in profound love, which cultivates wonder, imagination, and the courage to act.


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Living with a Courageous Heart March 1, 01 Mar About Latest Posts. Kristina is a member of the UU Church of Kent in Kent, OH , where she served in a number of roles as a lay leader before answering the call to ministry. Her interests include: multigenerational worship; family ministry; sexuality education and reproductive justice; anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural work; spiritual direction;and interfaith work.

Kristina's other great passion is timebanking; she has been a coordinator of the Kent Community TimeBank for about four years and has learned a lot about creating community using timebank core values.