The 90 Day Marriage Ultimatum: If He Love You Enough, this Strategy Works!

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But Jenny has already spent several months in India with Sumit. Not tons, because then they wouldn't be on the show, but at least some real face to face time. I agree. I took it has she didn't want someone barely involved in her son's life and having to deal with that. Not sure if barely involved is better than nothing though.

I don't know, I still don't think it is fair at all to give such an ultimatum like that, as "all in or all out" is VERY subjective. No matter how dumb, immature, whatever, the ex bf was, she doesnt decide who the kid's dad is. Unless the ex said that he completely wants nothing to do with the baby, which happened after her ultimatum. Now, poor kid is moving halfway across the world and will be given some ex con ex druggie stepda.

I also have a feeling that he had a string of almost stepdads. I haven't figured her out yet. I still don't think it is fair at all to give such an ultimatum like that, as "all in or all out" is VERY subjective. Mileage varies, but I think it's actually the smartest thing I've ever heard one of these boneheads say with regard to raising children.

I'd advocate taking that college option, and when he gets out he could even be running multiple sites, or some other good gig. Life at and one's vision is different than 18, so he should, imo, build in the most options. Most marriages in India are still arranged. Arranged Marriage in India. The caste system is alive and well in India. Marrying outside your caste is a huge problem, also for the couple and their respective families.

This is true for Indians who live in the U. The U.

Dealing With Her Male “Friends”

Isn't Safe from the Trauma of Caste Bias. The dowry system, while officially prohibited by law, is still widely practiced, especially in northern India. Sumit is from Delhi - which is in the northern part of the country. Dowries are paid by the bride's family to the groom's family. Women have been killed "bride burning", acid attacks, etc when the bride's family has not fulfilled their dowry obligation to the family of the groom. Dowry System in India. Jenny mentioned something about Sumit saying he'd always protect her. But can he? If his family believes his actions have dishonored the family, and his marriage results in the remaining family members being "shunned" by their community, how can he protect himself and Jenny from anything they might do?

How did she visit India previously with no passport?

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Can you get a visa without a passport? She had to send her passport in with her visa application. The passport then is returned with visa attached.

Lamont and Deandria

A visa is a stamp in a passport. To obtain a visa, you present your passport, and receive the visa stamp. Jenny had to do that the first time she traveled to India. What is "legitimate time" though? They have still spent substantive time in a long distance relationship. It bodes better than the other 90DayFers if they have spent months at a time together. And was just left in a mailbox?

No signature required? She may have signed for it at her door or picked it up at FedEx and they staged the scene by placing it in her mailbox.

How Do I Best Cope with My Spouse Who Won’t Do Anything About His Hearing Loss?

Although I thought putting non US mail in a mailbox is a federal crime. So, Paul in his hissy fit, which occurred after he berated his mother for not helping him financially, cancels his flight to Brazil and loses the full value of his ticket because "it's not fair! Also laughed as he tried to guilt his mom into supporting his ENTIRE family rather than figure out how to support them himself. Too many of the Americans on all of the iterations of this show have to have co-sponsors.

Yet, the American government has a very low threshold for being able to sponsor someone into the country in my opinion. And, all of these Americans should know that there is a waiting period before the granting of the green card and being able to work in the U. Back to Paul though, he sure has a temper when not getting his way They hand stuff off to each other all the time.

I found it out tracking packages from my online shopping addiction. I am very proud of him. The person they are going to be in years. Okay so I just watched this show and my head is spinning. The South African guy with a drug habit, a criminal record, and sold his mother's belongings to gamble is a good catch for a woman with a young child? You have seriously got to be kidding me. Sumit seemed genuinely smitten with the 60 year old lady whose name I cannot remember but with all the family drama she will cause and with not much cash, I don't see that working out too well.

I didn't know Paul and Karine would be on this program. I FF'd through most of his segments and still needed a long shower after seeing him again. Score points for his mother refusing to support him and co-sign. The mormon is a moron who is being whipped and taken to the cleaners, however, I will give credit to Evelin because she tells it like it is: I'm not coming back here again so if you want it to work, you have to move to Ecuador and learn Spanish and not be clinging to me to translate for you.

And you need to work because in my culture, the man pays for everything. Oh, and I need to bring gifts to my grandmother, parents, 7 cousins and all the pigs that live on my street, so pay up. Oh, and cash. There's a spot to park. Give me money And if you don't want to do all those things, then don't but things work work out then. And this dolt does it all.

Proof for the 90 Day Rule -- STEVE HARVEY

The money for "property" and a "business" probably went the way of the money Nicole gave Azan for the make up shop. The woman moving to Qatar? Yeah, that guy is in love with her. Shades of Danielle and Mohammed there. Sumit"s family is disgusted by all of this. If an American mother disapproves of her 30 year old son marrying a 60 year old woman, an Indian mother will throw her son out.

Hopefully Sumit will be able to afford a place of his own for him and Jenny. His granny fetish is wierd. I don't think so. The last passport that I received came to me in the mail. I didn't have to sign a thing. The planner seemed to really emphasize how much she had in CASH.

Is My Partner a Narcissist?

I would hope she had other investments they just didn't discuss. She spent all her money.

No way she has any investments or money for retirement. Same here. I was travelling last winter and the TSA agent just said, "Don't forget to sign it. You are older, your are white, you are not the girl his parents picked out. Three strikes, you are out. And when they do, they will again lose their attraction. You have to use the no contact period to stop the addiction of your ex. And as mentioned before, the only way to do it is going cold turkey.