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We can infer a few reasons: 1. Indian State is biased against the minorities and doubly biased when it comes to Muslims of India in general and Kashmiris in particular. The utmost secrecy maintained in case of execution of Ajmal Kasab on 21 November last year and Afzal Guru now point towards the same, because the execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee on 14 August, following his conviction over the rape and murder of a year-old girl in followed a public discussion.

In both these cases no public discussion was allowed and executions were carried out in haste without giving any chance to the public to react. Such actions give a message that democracy is being retrograded in India. The judiciary is becoming a hand maiden of the political exec- utive and is fast losing its independent character with the result that justice is becoming a casualty.

Be it the execution of Afzal Guru or life sentences awarded to Kashmiri convicts, the judi- ciary is being used as a tool against the political opponents and dissidents.

The Congress government is trying to appease the gullible Hindu masses by execution of the perceived enemies, thus trying to boost its electoral chances. Also, by acting with an iron hand against the enemies of the nation, Congress is try- ing to reap the sympathy vote of the masses. Targeting Muslims like the Owaisi brothers of Hyderabad, impli- cating Muslim youths falsely in terror cases or executing Afzal Guru, Congress is trying to give a message to the Muslims that they cant stand against or resist the dictates of the Congress regime.

Thoughts of a Shaytonian: March

The Shayton Chronicles Book 2: Tamal's Journeys [Karen Fainges] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Shaytonian Chronicles continues . Editorial Reviews. From the Author. This time my love of history came to the fore as Talkar travels through the Circle of planets and ages that his Nemesis.

You have no choice: either with us or against us. If Afzal was such a threat to the national conscience and security, then why not Balwant Singh Rajoana, guilty for the assassina- tion of Punjab chief minister Beant Singh, be executed too?

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Muslims are an easy target and their stereotypical image of being potential terrorists fits well in the plan of their judicial exe- cutions. The National Conference-led coalition with Congress is too weak and fragile to stand against or protest the execution of Afzal Guru, unlike Tamil Nadu state assembly that went on record demanding mercy for Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan convicted in the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

They havent been sent to the gallows as yet and there is remote possibility of carrying out capital punishment against them. But what do these inferences point towards? They point to the fact of bleak, dark and gloomy times ahead. A dark time that will not only be a bane for Indian Muslims or Kashmiris, but for all the con- scious, selfless, patriotic Indians who witness India as a great nation that believes in the lofty principles of democracy, secular- ism, republicanism and where rule of law prevails.

Their dream will soon be shattered and their conscience bruised because India is moving at a fast pace towards totalitarian fascism where no dis- sent would be tolerated and no human rights respected. Afzal Gurus execution has been a watershed towards that retrograding process.

For me as a Kashmiri, freedom of speech, assembly and protest were denied since the freedom of India in But now these rights would become a casualty for Indians too. They would experience Kashmir everywhere in India, if judicial murders, fas- cist national and political expediency override everything and are given a freehand. As far as the people of Kashmir are concerned, they must be thankful to the Indian State for creating and carving out for them a hero of an ordinary mortal who will continue to inspire resistance and represent a symbol of hatred against India.

If Indian State is happy to have satisfied the collective con- science of the Indians and rendered Justice to the victims of the Parliament attack, then why is it afraid to hand over the dead body of Afzal and the mortal remains of Maqbool Bhat to Kashmiris? The denial of the same is helping reinforce the resistance and hate against Indian occupation. Afzals execution will certainly have its impact on the Kashmiri youth like its predecessor Maqbool Bhats execution had and youth may adopt various ways and means of resistance against the Indian State in Kashmir.

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It is what Indian State wants in order to justify the presence of the lakhs of its troops at every nook and corner of Kashmir. Since year , there have been reports coming up in the media frequently that the local police and army through custodial torture and other means of coercion are trying to push Kashmiri youth towards militancy again. This serves their purpose, because then only they can justify the extra-judicial murders, fake encoun- ters, disappearances and arson in the name of fighting militancy and terrorism.

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This fight also renders them eligible for medals of shame to be bestowed by the Indian State, the promotions and other monetary benefits. They dont want to be deprived of such booty, hence the State and its agencies are also responsible for creating future militants for their own crooked purposes. Afzals execution will also be politically cashed by the sepa- ratists for their own political mileage. How they are going to use it and what benefits they will reap from it only time will tell.

But vest- ed interests both in the state and its institutions and separatists want to exploit the hanging of Afzal for their own benefits and there are numerous chances for Kashmir burning once again, in which the blood of innocents will spill on the streets at the hands of trig- ger-happy men in uniform.

Countering Wahabism – Part II

As far as the struggle of Kashmiris against the Indian State is concerned, it will continue unabated and none can surmise about the shape of things to come in the next few months, but one thing is clear: through this execution the Indian State has granted a new lease of life to the resistance in Kashmir, whose demise they were foolishly trying to celebrate. They would experi- ence Kashmir everywhere in India, if judicial murders, fascist national and political expediency override everything and are given a freehand.

Guru did not get a fair trial in the first place. His repeated assertions that he was sent to Delhi from Srinagar by a certain named police officer in Srinagar were never heard or probed.

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At best, he was a secondary player. He did not take part in the actual attack.

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The final verdict too had other con- siderations as the Supreme Court itself said in its verdict, The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender. Dr Khan further said that it has been known to the political class and the media for years that the public opinion in the Valley is enraged by this trial and the verdict and there is real risk of the revival of militancy as a result of Gurus execution.

As such, I think it was reckless on the part of the Indian government to have taken this highly risky, hasty and dubious step which is akin to the execution in of Maqbool Bhat on a crime committed by oth- ers thousands of miles away in Britain but the hasty execution eventually led to ignite the militancy in the Valley of Kashmir.

This also shows that a rank politician should never be elevated to the position of the President of India. We condemn this execution and consider it short-sighted and hasty. Abdullah Pur, Dt. Khan, ; Mirzapur. Over the years, it has grown much stronger and mightier. It has a far more expansive reach today than even before as according to the available figures the readership of papers and magazines in the country is over millions while over mil- lion Indians watch television, for news and other types of programmes.

But unfortunately, while the media is grow- ing, it is not growing up.

Tamal's Journeys

There have been very disturbing trends qualitywise. Apart from truth being the first casualty, the disturbing trends include subjectivity, inaccuracy, misquoting, marketing men heading editorial teams, sting operations with means, methods and morals mixed up to suit ends, TV studios acting as court rooms, sting operations in violation of human rights and prejudiced editors. Now a days, media has become a sort of entertainment industry in the wake of globaliza- tion and entertainment is now treated as syn- onymous with sex and crimes.

Unfortunately, on this account Indian newspapers and magazines are full of pictures of semi nude models, nude pictures and articles on kissing, bed room man- ners and office romances. It is really distressing that media is making us a nation of sex aholics. It is really unfortunate that national English dailies are throwing slow poison at the readers every day.

Parents are very worried over the sin- ister effects of these dailies on their childrens morals and values. Incidents of rapes are pub- lished with lewd details. It is no exaggeration to say that today increase in crimes is to be attrib- uted to the lustful material being published by the print and broadcast by electronic media. It mat- ters little to the media if in the process our high- ly precious values are subverted and our cultur- al ethos destroyed.

It is really distressing that the media has degenerated into a highly counter productive force and has abandoned the path of idealism. The main factor responsible for this phenome- non is that the lever of control has been trans- ferred from editors who used to command respect, to the media Mughals for whom only circulation and money are the main objectives. Means are of no consequences. It is the ends that matter. Today medias culture is one of power for powers sake. It no longer aspires to change the world.

It is becoming insensitive and profit - driven like any other commercial activity. It is now not only influenced but even led by grossly inflated market prices. It is slowly hi- jacking the country from its time honoured and highly precious national culture. Freedom of press is implicit in the funda- mental rights of freedom of speech and expres- sion but this freedom is not for the benefit of the press but for the public good.

The Press Council of India had been set up as a watch dog, but media takes it very causally as the council does not possess any teeth. There are a number of instances when the council issued guidelines which were treated with contempt by the media. Distinction between broad sheet journalism and tabloid journalism which is still maintained in the west stands obliterated in India, Media enjoys the unique privilege of unaccountability.

There is inaccuracy and mis-interpretation on a very large scale in media reporting but there is no punishment for errors.